Sylvester Stallone

Recommendation favor Dr. Angie Kassabieh

To whom it may concern,

As the production house, producer of the well-known American Hollywood movie entitled “Rambo 5” which is acted by the famous leading actor Sylvester Stallone, we would like to notify and describe our affirmative and great experience with Dr. Angie Kassabieh who was the Medical Doctor, Dietary adviser and meal server provider to our production team. We are grateful and honored to have collaborated with Dr. Angie for 4 months in our movie shooting that was prepped and filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria from September till December 2018. Indeed, nutrition and training considerations were vital for this project because the physical visual previously recognized by the original version “Rambo” movie was very important for us to reestablish it again in order to succeed with the appearance of the characters of the original film. Dr. Angie worked hard with her team on providing the main actors of “Rambo 5” with a healthy diet through her own personal market ANDDIET which contains all Angie’s personal products from special meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as chocolate bars high in protein, pastries low in carb and other special healthy deserts available all at Angie’s kitchen and diet supermarket. Following original individual assessment, healthy meals were designed, prepared and provided by Dr. Angie’s kitchen for 40 stunt players and 10 cast members, and in spite of the complex training demands and long filming hours the cast and stunt crew achieved the physical state and exterior look required by their various roles, and they were able to preserve it over the long shooting schedule. We are certain to recommend Dr. Angie Kassabieh and her company ANDDIET to any film production company as we truly believe that she would be a helpful benefit to any organization that requires her specialized expertise.


Sylvester Stallone

  • Recommendation favor Dr. Angie Kassabieh by Sylvester Stallone
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