Super Slim Box PROMO


CONTENTS: 3 pcs. Super Slim Box

Angie’s 5 Days Super Slimming Box Food for the whole day!
PROMO: Buy 2 boxes and get 1 for free!
Guaranteed – 3-6 kg. down!
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Super Slim box promo

What is a Super Slim Box?

Super Slim Box is a weight loss box that contains low-calorie foods and natural supplements for a 5-day diet with a detoxifying effect. With it you will lose 3 to 6 kg in one week without starvation. Your abdomen will become flatter in a minimum of time. You will get rid of bloating and slag accumulated in the stomach and intestines for years. You will get rid of the feeling of hunger for harmful foods and excess water in your body. You will improve your health, digestion and metabolism.

Angie's 5 Days Super Slimming Box

Who is Super Slim Box for?

Super Slim box is for everyone who wants to lose weight for a specific event in their life or get rid of toxins. Have you decided to lose weight before the wedding, vacation at the sea or an important reception? With our diet box you will succeed in just a week.

What does the Super Slim Box contain?

The box includes delicious and clean food and snacks for 5 days, as well as specific supplements that help detoxify your body and remove excess weight and water. The products are rich in fiber, high quality multivitamins, proteins, probiotics, prebiotics and low in calories. With the Super Slim Box you also get a free detailed menu with foods and portions that you can add to your diet. The daily water intake is also described. In the box you will find:

  • 5-day meal menu;
  • Breakfast: 5 servings of high-protein muesli or breakfast cereal with chocolate balls;
  • Snack: Liquid chocolate;
  • Lunch: 5 servings of soups and omelets, which are prepared in 2-3 minutes;
  • Afternoon snack: High-protein, high-fiber chips and bars with low sugar content;
  • Dinner: 5 servings of soups and omelets;
  • Water OFF for 5 days: The super food supplement removes excess water, is pleasant to the taste and saturates;
  • Super apple pectin for 5 days: Detoxifies, increases the amount of beneficial bacteria, improves peristalsis and metabolism. The abdomen looks flatter.
Angie's 5 Days Super Slimming Box


Angie Kassabie

д-р Енджи Касабие

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