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The price is 120 EURO and  includes:

  1. Consultation;
  2. Forming a diet;
  3. Daily tracking of weight and food by myself

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Online Consultation by Dr. Angie Kassabie

Dr. Kassabie has been consulting her patients, both personally in her offices in Bulgaria and Lebanon, and online for all other patients from different parts of the world or those whose work does not allow them. The examination is strictly individual and does not matter whether it is online or live. The treatment is done on the spot with the patient himself – according to his / her specifics, goals, preferences, diseases, etc.

What is the Online Consultation with Dr. Kassabie?

Following is a complete history of the patient’s medical history (past or current illness) looking for any possible cause that led the patient to his office.

Based on this conversation, the device research, the lifestyle of the patient (workload, leisure, sports, eating habits), Dr. Kassabie draws a strict diet with the patient himself, depending on his taste.

What distinguishes Dr. Kassabie from other nutritionists is the individual approach to each. For those patients who have not the opportunity and time to prepare their own diet (written by Dr. Kassabie), they can benefit from our catering (diet and health, with the highest class of foods and products).

What is the purpose of the consultation?

The goals depend entirely on you and are strictly individual! You may want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, tighten or change your lifestyle and diet.

For those patients who do not have the opportunity and time to prepare the individual diet themselves – they can take advantage, if desired, of our catering only for Sofia and Beirut (dietary and healthy, with the highest class of food and products)

Who is the diet suitable for?

The diet prepared by me is suitable for:

  • People with impaired and slow metabolism;
  • Athletes;
  • Menopausal women;
  • People with digestive problems – bloating, colitis, constipation, diarrhea and others;
  • People with dermatological problems – acne, dermatitis and others;
  • People with chronic diseases;
  • Healthy diet during and after pregnancy;
  • People who want to lose weight, gain weight or just tighten up;
  • People diagnosed with gout;
  • For children – it’s a little different for them, there are rewards for completed tasks and other interesting things.

My diet is suitable for all people who want to live a healthy lifestyle!

The price includes:

  1. Consultation;
  2. Forming a diet;
  3. Daily tracking of weight and food by myself!

Pay Online Consultation by Dr. Angie Kassabie

!!! Due to the busy schedule, please call +359 884 69 44 95 to make an appointment as soon as possible!


Angie Kassabie

д-р Енджи Касабие

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  1. Галя Ковачева

    Енджи е страхотнa! Режимът, който ми изготви включва всичко, което обичам, няма глад, а килограмите плавно падат надолу. Чувствам се супер!  Пълна с енергия и лека. Благодаря д-р Касабие️

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