Angie’s Kitchen

This menu is available ONLY in Beirut, Lebanon and Sofia, Bulgaria

The price of the menu in Beirut, Lebanon is 29$
The price of the menus in Sofia, Bulgaria are 35 or 50 leva

For you, who are very busy and can not prepare your own individual diet, we offer our menus.

They are specially prepared by Dr. Kassabie and our low-calorie chef technologists on innovative dietetic-healthy eating technologies, which consists of:

  1. First breakfast
  2. Second breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Salad for lunch
  5. Dessert or afternoon snack
  6. Dinner
  7. Salad for dinner.
д-р Енджи Касабие


  • Mariam sabonji
    Posted 12.08.2019 16:30 0Likes

    Hello I live in Virginia United States of america. I’m trying to lose weight about 30 ibs can you send me food ? How does it work ???

  • Veronika
    Posted 31.10.2019 10:26 0Likes

    Do you deliver food to uk?

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