Terms of delivery and return


The delivery of the menus from Angie’s Kitchen is free in Sofia. 

Delivery by courier company Econt to courier office or customer’s address

Returns and Claims

We do not issue refunds after the purchase of products, which you confirm before purchasing any product on the website. Please ensure you read the product description carefully before making a purchase.
Upon receipt of the ordered goods by courier, the customer is required to check:
the integrity of the packaging of the ordered goods;

the presence and integrity of the safety cap sticker;

signs of breakage or scratches on the packaging;

expiry date;

the presence of an issued receipt or other proof of purchase;

the description of the goods in the purchase document corresponds to the physical

the goods delivered – type, weight, taste, colour, size.

When the goods are delivered by courier of an external company – Econt , the customer has the right to check the contents of the delivery, upon prior request of this service!

In case of delivery of protein bars by Courier of an external company – Econt, END DIET Ltd. is not responsible for melted products or goods with damaged commercial appearance!

In case of any differences between ordered and delivered goods (type, quantity, taste, size, etc.), the Customer should immediately notify the Courier and has the right to refuse to accept the goods.

The Customer may refuse to pay for the goods received in case of problems or discrepancies mentioned above!

Complaints regarding an order from Angie’s Kitchen will NOT be accepted!

Complaints will NOT be accepted if the Customer has paid for the goods on receipt, i.e. the problems described above have not been registered by the Customer on receipt of the goods from the Courier.

has placed an order from Angie’s Kitchen;

has infringed the merchantability of the goods ordered, whether intentionally or not;

damaged or missing safety cap sticker;

damaged packaging (cracked or broken plastic cover, cap);

consumption of the product;

the product has been stored in an unsuitable place;

expired products;

products with impaired commercial appearance due to the fault of an external courier – Econt ;

Complaints will not be accepted without proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or otherwise).

If you have any questions please contact us.