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In Angie’s Kitchen we guarantee a big diversity of healthy and low-calorie meals. We deliver fresh, tasty, natural food, prepared by our chef technologists.

 You will lose 5-10 kg a month eating healthy without cooking.

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5 Day Super Slim Box

Super Slim Box is a weight loss box that contains low-calorie foods and natural supplements for a 5-day diet with a detoxifying effect. With it you will lose 3 to 6 kg in one week without starvation. Your abdomen will become flatter in a minimum of time.


To Angie,

Thank you for taking care of us!

Great stuff!

Randy Couture

It was a pleasure having Dr. Angie Kassabie to take care of my diet, during my stay in Bulgaria.I am very pleased and thankful for the high-quality service, for having tasty, fresh and healthy food every day.

I highly recommend AND DIET product to everyone, for a perfect shape!

Dolph Lundgren

We are certain to recommend Dr. Angie Kassabieh and her company AND DIET to any film production company as we truly believe that she would be a helpful benefit to any organization that requires her specialized expertise.

Sylvester Stallone