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Angie’s Kitchen Agreement

I understand that Angie’s Kitchen operations is a nutrition catering & consultant. As such, it does not diagnose, cure or treat any disease. Rather, it supports a balanced body throughout our work together.

I understand that information provided to me on the relationship between food, lifestyle factors and health is not meant to replace competent medical treatment for any health problems or conditions. Health education and medical care is complimentary and integrative when properly delivered.

I understand that we are not treating health conditions but rather balancing the body.

I release Dr. Angie from any & all liability, damages, allegations, claims and demands if I did not disclose properly all medical conditions, allergies, and medicines I’m currently taking. I understand it is my responsibility to update Dr. Angie on any updates or changes in my medical conditions and medications.

I confirm that I accept and allow my personal phone number, email & contacts to be used to send advertisement or any other email, image or context related to this matter.

I understand that payments are required at least two weeks in advance of service. Cash or Online transfer is accepted.

Cancelation or changing dates of meals should be at least two days in advance.

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